Let’s Get Corny. (and Bacony!)

cornsalad2I’ve been craving bacon ever since that bacon mouthwash thing started making the rounds on Facebook (which, what?! That is the grossest thing ever.)  But bacon is delicious, as we are all well aware of at this point in our foodie culture.  In my opinion, the only reason bacon hasn’t jumped the culinary shark is because it really is that tasty and essential for so many dishes – it won’t be going the way of the sundried tomato or foam.

So anyway, I got some veggies and made a salad with some bacon in it.  Very simple and easy!  This would make a great side dish for a summer barbecue, or could even be a salsa and served with some tortilla chips.  If you want to switch things up, swap out the tomato for some red bell peppers, or the cilantro for basil.  The main idea that I was going for here were bright colors and mild flavors so the bacon was star of the dish.

A quick word on making bacon for a salad or sandwich:  You want to be sure to make sure it cooks in a way that it drains the fat off, rather than soaking in it.  I have a cooling rack that fits perfectly inside of on of my sheet pans and just lay the bacon across it, which leaves about a 1/2″ gap between the bacon and the tray.  I bake the bacon at 375 F for about 10 minutes, or until it is crisp.  The length of time ultimately depends on the thickness of the bacon.  What you achieve from all of this is that crispier and less greasy bacon, and the resulting salad or sandwich is not drenched in bacon fat.  I always dab the bacon with a paper towel after it is done, too.

Corn & Bacon Salad

3-4 ears of corn, husks and silks removed

2 roma tomatoes, seeded and diced

1 avocado, diced

3-4 slices of bacon, cooked and diced

2 T fresh chives, minced

4 T fresh cilantro, minced

1 red onion, small dice (optional)

For the dressing:

4 T light mayonnaise

1 lime, juiced

1 clove of garlic, very finely minced

1/2 tsp cumin

Salt & Pepper

Dash Tabasco, optional

Over a large bowl, run your knife down the corn so that it drops into the bowl.  Once this is done, add the tomato, avocado, bacon, chives, and cilantro to the bowl.  Stir to combine.

To make the dressing, combine the mayo, lime juice, garlic, cumin, salt and pepper, and Tabasco in another bowl.  Stir to combine.  If you need to make it thinner, add a teaspoon or two of water.

Pour the dressing over the salad, and let sit for about 30 minutes before serving.  Serve as a side or with tortilla chips for dipping.  Enjoy!


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One thought on “Let’s Get Corny. (and Bacony!)

  1. Welcome Company with Danielle April 3, 2013 at 11:40 AM Reply

    YUM! I will definitely add this to my summer salad arsenal! We cook a lot of corn in the summer and this would be a great way to use the leftovers – roasted corn would be great. Thanks for sharing!

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