Wedding Registry Advice From A Professional: Part 3

images-1Whew!  I’ve bulldozed through three days of registry-mania.  Here is the last list, comprised of those items that not everyone will need, and not everyone will want, but can be great to have.

Here are the previous two lists:

Part One

Part Two

Let’s get to it.

Kitchen Accessories:  Some of these, like the trivet and spoon rest, are not entirely frivolous, and actually quite helpful.  But I wanted to focus most of the list on actual cooking items, rather than decor related accessories.

kitchen accessoriesA dish rack is nice to have if you have a lot of counter space.  It gives you a place to dry things that shouldn’t go in the dishwasher, like your knives, and can also be attractive if you go for one of the newer, more modern models.   A spoon rest is simple:  it keeps your stove clean.  You can also get a set of clips that go on the side of your pots to hold the spoon, if you don’t enjoy the idea of a spoon rest.  Trivets, again, pretty obvious: somewhere to put a hot pot.   Now, enclumes are what most of us know as “those hanging pot rack things.”  They range in prices, and most places have them available for special order.  I recommend using gift cards for these, as you don’t want to receive it without having somewhere to immediately put it.  You also want to make sure you have available studs in your kitchen to mount it, and enough overhead room.  They range in price, size, style, and finish.  Salt keepers also range in styles, and are great for keeping kosher or sea salt available to pinch on your food.  The one above is made of olivewood and has a magnetic swivel lid – great for keeping dust out.

Brands I Love:  Le Creuset, Threshold, Williams Sonoma (enclume), Berard (olivewood), Simplehuman (dish rack), Umbra (dish rack).

Grilling Tools:  If you have a grill.  These are -usually- the groom’s favorite selections, especially in Texas.  Men love their grills.  So do women!  If you don’t have a grill, just skip it.  These things aren’t that expensive and won’t be difficult to purchase when and if you ever do decide to go grilling.

Grill Tools


A stuffed burger press is actually something you don’t even have to have a grill for, just a love of burgers with things in the middle.  Make sure you always use parchment or burger papers with one, as the meat will stick to the sides otherwise.  You can also get a regular burger press, to ensure perfectly formed patties.  Firewire is just free flowing wire with a kabob poker on the end.  It’s easier to marinate your food if it’s already on the skewer, and these coil up to go in a bowl or bag for marinating.  You can also fit it on your grill easier.  A grill press is great for cooking steaks or chicken (not burgers!  You’ll press the life out of it!) Grilling tools are just regular tools but with longer handles – and usually a bit more heavy duty.  Same goes for the basting brush.

Fruit Tools:

fruit tools


For the knife wary, these can be a great solution.  They are very self explanatory, and this is just a few of the available options.  Plus, if you have kids, this is a great way to induct them into the kitchen without worrying about them getting cut.  Now, they do take up drawer space, which is why I left them to the end.  There is nothing that the above tools can do that you can’t do with one knife, but there is a huge population of gadget enthusiasts out there.  These are some of the best.

Brands I Love:  Chef’n, OXO, Rosle

Pizza Tools:  Again, completely not necessary.  But really fun stuff if you love pizza!

pizza tools


Pizza stones are great for grilled pizzas or to bake them in the oven.  I actually prefer the much more lightweight and easier to store pizza crisper, which has perforation to encourage a crispy crust.  Pizza peels really just remove the hot pizza from the oven or, if you are the luckiest person in the world, wood burning oven.  A pizza cutter is actually good to have even if you don’t cook; those DiGiorno’s don’t come already sliced.

Brands I Love:  Emile Henry (pizza stone)


bar ware


The reason I left this section for last is purely personal; I don’t drink a lot at home and don’t have a lot of parties because my neighbors freak out and call the cops if they can hear the slightest peep.  Seriously, it’s happened during a quiet dinner.  Arg.  Anyway, for those of you with nice neighbors and who enjoy the after work cocktail, the above is a basic assortment of tools.  Honestly, none of them are very expensive at all so just like the other tools, they are great add-ons.   So if you register for some tumblers, someone can buy two and then throw in the shaker for a themed gift.  Fun!   The Soda Stream is also something to think about registering for if you love sparkling water; that’s all this machine makes.  It can save you hundreds of dollars in Pellegrino.   Or you can get some syrup and make your own soda!

Final Items For Those Who Have It All:

Have It All


This final section is just an assortment of items that you really don’t need, but if you are experimental in the kitchen or just have a deep love of cooking, they can be awesome to own.  The Breville Personal Pie Maker is a fantastic little machine that heats up and cooks pies, eggs, etc.   Love it.  Google it.  The Smoking Gun infuses food with a smoky flavor, without a huge smoky mess.  Raclette is a more modern version of the dreaded fondue pot, that staple of registries past.   This is a lot more fun and versatile than a fondue.  You melt cheese, grill meat, veggies, etc all yourself while sitting around this little heating unit.   Finally, the electric deep fryer is truly the most unnecessary but really cool thing to have.  What it does is self-explanatory.  I covet one.

Brands I Love:  Breville, Polyscience (smoking gun), Swissmar (raclette), Krups & Breville (deep fryers).
Some Final Thoughts (like Jerry Springer!):

You’ll notice that I didn’t get into dishes, china, glassware, table linens, etc.  Those decisions are really quite personal.  A lot of couples these days are not registering for fine china, much to the chagrin of the older generations.  I completely understand.  It’s hard for us to see the need to register for something that literally just takes up space, and most of us cannot remember our parents EVER using the wedding china.  As Monica Gellar once said, “I’m saving them for when the Queen of England comes over!”  Pretty much.  But I think it is better to invest in really great every day dishes with some statement salad plates so that when you set the table for company, you still get that “wow” factor.

Don’t register for sale or discounted items.  They are more than likely going to sell out, and then the store probably won’t get them back in.  I saw many couples register for so many sale items that there was hardly anything on their registries to purchase.  It’s also, obviously, important to frequently check in on the status of items on your registry.  Go online, and if something has gone on sale, just check with the store to see how the stock numbers are doing.  If you need to replace it, do it.

Things I purposefully left off:

Toaster – If you really want one, by all means.  But you can save space for something that the oven doesn’t already do.

Juicer – I know juicing is all the rage right now, but that is one bandwagon I personally haven’t jumped on.  If you must, must have a juicer, go with a slow juicer.  Breville and Hurom both make excellent models, and they are SO much better than the others.  You get more nutrients in the juice, more juice from the foods, and less pulp.  Plus, they are almost silent.  The other, larger juicers tend to sound like a jet liner is entering your kitchen, which your new spouse will not appreciate if you wake up early to juice.

The bottom line is this: it’s your wedding and your registry.  You know what your current situation is and should register accordingly.  If you need to change it, do it.  The store should work with you to accomodate your needs.  Also, consult with the sales people.  They know the items better than anyone and will be able to really guide you in the right direction.  Above all, you should be happy with what you get and these items that you are choosing together should make you feel more comfortable in starting a life with one another.


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