What’s Up, Googlers?

I’m chuckling because I get probably 43%* of my blog hits from people googling “boning knife.”  I have NO idea how that leads them here, since I’ve talked about that once, but I’ll take it.

I’ve decided to capitalize off of this trend and just go ahead and ask:

Are there lots of questions about boning knives?  If so, please ask in the comments.  If you’re just looking for images, that’s cool too.  I guess boning knives are the most mysterious of all the knives in the land and I’m happy to answer any questions or give my opinions on certain brands.  Working retail in a kitchen store for over two years did not leave me devoid of thoughts on this matter.

(I was really tempted to write “Happy Boning!” right here, but that means something else.)

Bone Voyage!


*That’s an exaggeration, but I did the math and it really is 10.4%.  Wild.

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