Go Green!

Since I drive a Prius and am therefore better than you, and since the NBA reminded me that it’s the month of Earth Day, tonight’s blog will be about going green.   Kermit/Bale agrees that going green is important for the earth.  If you aren’t lucky enough to be naturally green, I’m gonna give you a few tips and tricks towards making some subtle changes that will make the earth smile, figuratively.  (Or maybe literally!  Who knows!)


1.  Drive a Prius.








2.  Recycle.

3.  Ride your bike everywhere, especially if you live in Houston.  It’s not that hot.  You can take it.   If you aren’t cool enough to DRIVE A PRIUS, riding a bike is the next coolest thing you can do.   Nothing says “I care about the environment” than showing up to work with a light glow from cycling through the city streets.  It’s not perspiration, it’s inspiration.

4.  Drive a Prius!

5.  Remember your reusable bags when you go to the grocery store.  This will indeed make you  better than me.   I have a collection of approximately 45,203,012 reusable bags and I can count on one hand the times in the past year that I have remembered to bring them to the grocery store.  So, that’s my resolution for this Earth Day.  I’m counting on the 4 people who read this blog to remind me.


6.  Check out your local farmer’s market for sustainable, locally grown food.  Seriously, this is a great way to eat healthily, support local businesses, and make sure you’re eating seasonally.  It’s good for your health and the environment!  Double good!   To search for markets in your area, check out this list: http://search.ams.usda.gov/farmersmarkets/

7.   Save water; drink vodka & don’t shower.

8. Don’t drive this monstrosity:








Earth saved.  You’re welcome!

9.  Andy just mentioned that using a front loading washer or dryer saves “A LOT OF ELECTRICITY.”  So, I’ll take his word for it and you should too.  He could tell us how it works, but I don’t really feel like listening.  Something about the amount of water and force involved.   PHYSICS!

10.  Buy a Kindle and put another Barnes and Noble out of business.   Then keep it FOREVER.  A.K.A., don’t throw out your old electronics.   Recycle them or keep them as long as possible (says the girl who has gone through 3 iPhones in as many years.)  Electronics contribute to a lot of mercury waste, and that ain’t good.

11.  Make your own detergent or other cleaning products!  My mom was telling me recently about how she made her own laundry detergent from a recipe she found on Pinterest.   I haven’t gotten on the Pinterest bandwagon yet (Mom is way more hip than me) but it sounds like a great DIY source for things of this nature.

12.   Visit http://www.gogreeninitiative.org/ for more information (and more serious tips than I can offer) on how to do your bit towards making our earth a better place, and making yourself a bit more insufferable in social situations.  It’s a trade-off.



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One thought on “Go Green!

  1. cast Iron Chef April 12, 2012 at 10:27 AM Reply

    Here are a couple more things
    Skip the bottled water. Its allways best to use filters… besides bottle water is expensive
    Pay bills online
    Unplug un used appliances.
    Recycle glass as much as possible, good containers.

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