Video Post: How To Use A Potato Ricer

Today’s post started out as an homage to one of my favorite restaurants, but I am terrible at filming when I actually have to hold a video camera.   So, half of my footage was unwatchably shaky.  My potato footage was pretty good, so here’s a quick little tutorial on how to do mashed potatoes with a potato ricer.   Thanks to Andy for helping film, and for being patient while I made dinner.   Watch for Spencer the dog near the end; he loves raw potato and was waiting for some to drop on the ground!

My potato ricer is from Central Market, I think.   I like it because it’s easy to press, holds a good amount of potato, and only has holes on the bottom.  The ones that have holes all over the basket tend to not work very well.  This one is easy to clean, too.  Other uses for your ricer:  mashed cauliflower, sweet potatoes, squeezing the water out of things like spinach or zucchini or cabbage.   Do any of you use one for other things?  Leave a comment and tell me!

I accidentally deleted the footage that tells you how long to boil the potatoes.   Usually about 10-15 minutes will suffice.   Stick your tongs in or a fork, and when the potatoes flake or mush easily, they are done.

Also, no, you aren’t crazy.   The blog is green now. St. Patrick’s Day is coming, along with my food-logue of New Orleans soon after.  That’s right:  I’m going to be eating my weight in Cajun/Creole food next weekend!  And blogging the whole thing!  Whee!  Get excited.  🙂

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3 thoughts on “Video Post: How To Use A Potato Ricer

  1. Lauren@KidEats March 9, 2012 at 5:30 PM Reply

    I love using a ricer for mashed potatoes – makes them so light and fluffy! I also always use my ricer when I mash root veggies. It’s so hard to get them lump-free otherwise. I wish I had one with holes only on the bottom. Mine has holes on the side too and I usually end up with a very messy kitchen because of it!

    I like your blog and had fun meeting you in person today! 🙂

  2. Linda Lancaster March 12, 2012 at 7:57 PM Reply

    You look so lovely- Seriously! Linda

    • the lady is a chef March 12, 2012 at 8:01 PM Reply

      thanks! i tried to not look as much like a zombie in this video as the first one.

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