Simple Salmon + OSCARS!!!

UggieWell, it’s Oscar Sunday.  I love the Oscars.  I love awards shows in general.  I enjoy watching people being judged in a public setting, what can I say?   I even watched the whole thing last year with Anne Hathaway being weird and James Franco being…James Franco.  Anyway, I can’t very well cook a heavy dinner while watching a barrage of inordinately lithe celebrities walking down the red carpet.  Salmon and steamed broccoli it is!

I got a couple of 7 ounce sockeye salmon filets.   Guess who carries my favorite salmon fillets.  It’s not what you think…Target!  Well, Super Target.  If you can brave the consistent throngs of people at Target, you’ll find that their pre-cut meats and fish are pretty nice.  Of course, most supermarkets have nice fish selections as well.  Anyway, sockeye is also known as Red salmon and I find the meat to be a bit stronger and drier, in a good way.  It works really well for pan searing, which is what I’m going to be doing tonight.  A bit about salmon’s nutrition:  High in omega-3 fatty acids (the good ones.  Great for your hair and skin.), protein, and Vitamin D.   All the levels of these can vary based on where the salmon is caught, if it was farmed or fresh, and how it is prepared.   Most salmon Atlantic salmon we eat is farmed – about 99% of it, whereas most Pacific salmon is fresh.

Okay.  I can’t focus anymore on writing because George Clooney is talking and Jessica Chastain looks so pretty and so does Viola and why is Pharell thereeeaga;klgjalgj squee!  Since I have a blog now, and I have your attention, I’m gonna post my Oscar picks quickly.  Then check out the slideshow and recipe!

Best Picture – The Artist (haven’t seen it, but I love that doggy!) OR Midnight In Paris (love!)

Best Director – Michel Hazanavicius

Best Actress – I WANT Viola Davis to win, but I THINK Meryl might take home the gold

Best Actor – Please, give Gary Oldman an Oscar.

Best Supporting Actress – Octavia or Jessica Chastain.

Best Supporting Actor – Captain Von Trapp (if Jonah Hill wins, I will laugh SO HARD)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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